What is happening to our palms?


 What is happening to our palms for a few years?

I’m valencian and live in the capital. For several years I have seen that many palms in the city and nearby are yellow ...

 The problem is due to a growing threat of invasive species, the 'red palm weevil' (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus), is a beetle native to Southeast Asia that has entered our borders due to the import of palm, literally eats palm from inside .

 But as is the beetle?

 Beetle is about 2 to 5 cm long (males), a red oxide colour.


How to is reproduced?

 The female lays an average of 300-500 eggs (usually 3 times a year) in the holes made in the palm to feed, eggs to 4 days more so goes the larva that has some powerful jaws with which burrow they feed inside the palm and are for a period of three months, and their appearance changes from a larva of only about 5 millimetres to about 5 centimetres larva and become a cocoon for a metamorphosis of a month or so and move to the adult stage. Typically stays in the palm while have food, when there is no food, flies to other palm, can fly a distance of 1 km / day.

 Where is more extended?

 The beetle has predilection for Valencia, Andalucia, Murcia, Canary Islands and Tenerife, looking for hot climates reproduction

As combat?

 First, doing nothing, palm tree pruning makes the smell of sap to attract even more this beetle.

 Also combated with herbicides

Symptoms have the palm?

 The palm leaves are falling to the trunk, also are dry

 The biggest problem is that to cause internal damage to the palm, when we realize on the outside the damage is already done and usually irreversible. It is estimated that an adult palm tree about 15 years can last a couple of months.


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