Collection of printable and exportable items to pdf on other things in acuarifilia

Wet Austrolebias nigripinnis, results in white fenotype fish.

Kordon bags, how to send fish and shrimps with breathing bags.

Racks for aquariums, a good way to cool water in summer.


Breeding recipient for Austrolebias, a homemade recipient for Austrolebias to lay eggs.

Container to send eggs, a good way to recycle plastic bottles.

Automatic Acclimatization new fish and shrimp, how to do it properly.

How to send fish, short explanation

Mop for fish to spawn, a floating mop for killies

Terminalia catappa aquarium, use of Asian Almond tree in aquariums

Homemade fish trap how to build a homemade trap for fish and shrimp


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