the Lovebirds

The birds love or lovebirds are one of the birds most common domestic companion.

It is the next step in after the parakeet pet parrots, almost on par with the nymph.

Its great advantage is half the size of a nymph and subsequent half cage and convenience for modern living.

The lovebirds as pets are great, his highly emotional character will do if you get that endears you want pampering all day.

There is a widespread fashion for some time that papilleros lovebirds are just chasing this goal is that otherwise we can take the odd peck.

A few years ago, we found a agaporni who had escaped and give it away to our grandmother to keep him company.

We laughed a lot, because we said: I can not play, I can not put food, I can not put water ... always want to get bitten.

Agaporni He had a bad temper and never got to socialize, but it's all a matter of time and perseverance.

The most common species of lovebirds are three Roseicollis · Agapornis personata Lovebird Agapornis Fischer ·

We must be careful because often we find hybrids between each other.

Thanks to the ease of breeding lovebirds and pretty color (We can not say the same about her screams) can now enjoy very many color mutations.

How are yellow, blue, silver ...

And is that the care of lovebirds are simple, mix for small parakeets, things to gnaw, stale bread, pins, pieces of wood ... and little else.

If couples stayed for we must pay attention to possible squabbling couples is not well understood as a peck can shed blood but if all goes well we consolidated partner for life.




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