The Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis is an insect depreador other insects ... its size can reach 8 feet.

As we said your diet is based on smaller insects they catch in their claws marine galley type and eats.

Sive Likewise also as food for other mantis, spiders, rodents, birds ... is a bug and is full of proteins that saciarian many stomachs and swish.

Something very strange is that the females eat the males after mating ... and no greater purpose.

We distinguish males and females because females have the abdomen much more bulky than males that are more stylized and smaller.

They are very easy to find in any garden during the summer ... thus reproducing the religosa mantis is that the female secretes pheromones to attract the male, then the male fertilizes ... and she eats it whole.

The female will make a start in Autumn will hatch in the spring, giving way to a new generation of religious Mantis.

This copy is brown, depending on the environment and food change color.