Cages for Canaries

Having a canary is very common, but we think if our canary or our canaries are housed in the best cage possible.

Do we have a canary to sing only? Then we can have a canary in a small cage, but not much.

Think he'll be in there long term and lack of exercise may be the worst health problem that can have a canary.

Consider having at least 2 sticks.

In different heights so that the jumps are not something repetititvo and boring.

The bars should always be no rust and clean lacquer.

Cleaning of all, from time to time have to disinfect the cage with soap and water.

There should be no place where the bird could engage with one paw and hurt.

You should not have any place where I could take the head and then getting caught.

Do we have a couple of canaries to see if we breed them? The best option then is an underground breeding cage.

The advantages are many, because will be able to fly and exercise

We separate the male from the female by a grill to avoid the bother and feed him.

We separate them with a separator opaque for are not before going into heat.

We may place the tub taking a door

The feeding is better to be outside to do their business not inside.

Most commercial cages are studied for the welfare of the canaries, but sometimes in some stores sell cages multiprecio very cheap but they are very bad, do not recommend. Compradlas from a known manufacturer.