Snails Melanoides tuberculata


Physas, Melanoides and planorbis ... these are the shells of snails and freshwater aquarium most common in aquariums.
The Melanoides snails are very interesting, are really nice and are buried in the substrate often nocturnal habits when they are most active.
Its function is really good, because when you remove the substrate favoring function aerated nitrifying bacteria.
You are excellent organic debris collectors in the aquarium.
If the fish do not eat all the food they will do the clearing functions of these remains.
Its maintenance is extremely simple, so that often go on to become a real plague.
Are always better in medium or hard water, with temperatures accepted in a wide range, without heating, and endure high temperatures in summer.
Eventually, if we need to remove some aquarium snails can simply put some cucumber in the tank and when full of snails out and thus overcome a lot.
We do not recommend that treatment never remove by death, because we would have to remove the same if we are not massively pollute the aquarium and also all rebound effects of treatment.