GH and KH Test for aquariums

This API test you see in the picture to measure GH and KH of the aquarium water is the best I've found and most economical. Cost around $ 10, but it really works.

Do not buy test strips, because it is waste of money. I do not know if it's because they expire or are not as reliable because they do not give good results is much better to spend a little more money and thus assure good.

Many species of aquarium fish and invertebrates and some parameters require delicate and we must take care, otherwise we suffer casualties unexpected and not the objective pursued any aquarist.

Remember, use tests at home aquarium API, are quality products, and we do not get commission, unfortunately ...

The operation is very simple, in case the test will come with the following content:

. - Paper with instructions, but not like reading manuals this is important because we tell from the number of drops on until color changes from KH and GH have.

. - Two glass sample tubes, one for one for the GH and KH are equal.

. - 2 Bottles of drops, one to the other for GH and KH

Collect water from the aquarium or we want to put in the aquarium to measure and we put gout and moving, drop and moving ... when color changes significantly then we have the value of the measurement.