Exophthalmos in aquarium fish


Some time ago a friend gave me a pair of C. eremus, the basis of my current colony breeding ... were huge and beautiful also soon began to lay many eggs and everything was perfect.

But it made me very funny that the female had an eye to "Gavino Diego", had one eye swollen, I thought it would have been hit in some corner or anything else.

It appears that this symptom is caused by bacteria and could continue to affect other internal organs of the fish and eventually cause death, to date this female has already two years and this great, is grandisima compared to all his descendants.

Treatment for this disease is tetracycline dissolved in water and ophthalmic ointments ... but I think the handling of the fish to put ointment in the eye could be quite traumatic ...

I did not do any eye treatment and soon returned to his place.

Important Note: If you take a bus a fish by hand, not the typical hagais touch ... that nice ... swiping your finger, with this we are spoiling the fish, because fish have mucus that protects them from infection and we would be charging us.



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