As the proverb says, necessity is the mother wit, why is it that whenever we like and want to have all existing species and mutations to exist? Well, since we can not avoid it, we will take the best we can.
There are breeders who specialize in one species and a mutation of course, what they do is to join forces in a single line of work, so get good specimens for exhibition and always guaranteed to reach good birds to breed each year.

I am currently holding the following mutations Isabelita of Japan:

Bruno Black
Black Grey
Bruno Red
Red Gray
Bruno Gray
Pearl Grey
Ino Cream
Ino Gray

For each mutation to work well and do not always have consaguineos birds should have at least four or five pairs for each mutation, the trouble is that means 10 x 10 mutations birds .... 100 birds. That is a few, especially considering that we could not have more species.

In another article we translated a page of our fellow Belgian hobby Edwin Wilson told us that the best creams ino came out of the Bills, having these more brown, explained in a nutshell.

So this year I'm going to work four instead of 10 mutations, that means even going a bit short of pairs, ie 4 pairs of mutation, with 32 Isabelita I can have all the changes, then we will see the result "theory - practice "I will tell you.

Then comment on the crosses of each mutation or line of work:


Both lines of color have the same objectives, roughly, uniform black, white belly fund, good design ... near the end with birds of optimal category (exagerando. ..) the only difference being that the former has the back brown and the second is gray. Thus here I will have four pairs carrying Bruno Black by Black Gris Gris. In 100% of the result we Black Grey and Black Grey Bruno carrier.



4 Pairs of Black Pearl Bruno carrier Gray Black Gray x Black Pearl. Of these couples will draw Bills Black pearl gray and black carrying pearl gray. Since I have only to worry about quality and consanguiniedad.

Note: No work Brunos Blacks / Grays along with the pearls because when looking at these first the homogeneity and purity of black, the pearls would have no contrast pursuing his standard lines down and worsen quality of birds we would have good design but Pearl does not correspond, usually over pearls.

For those who may not know the standard of pearl, this must have pearl and a brown belt under your chest, by transforming mutation in the black pearl gray, like a bird good Black Bruno bruno is removed, the result is that pearl this is lost. It is complicated, try in the near future the standard translation agencies and make a small personal interpretation. Anyway I put a couple of pictures to look better.



If you look at the Black Chest is through drafting
(This is a detail of why not use them to work the pearl, but there are more).


If we now look this design the pearl (the Black turned gray by the mutation) only goes up to 1 cm before the design of the womb.

If the first bird was mutated in pearl birds would be something like this below.

4 5


Very nice but ... the pearl is not as standard as a trademark.
These pearls of the photo below would be better in my opinion in this respect, then would have to look at other things clear.

6 7


Surely you have already guessed: Four couples over Bruno carrier Red Red Grey Grey and all the birds we get out of here have the same condition or carrier Bruno Red or Red Gris Gris. It is true that in the gray Rojas carrying the phenotype or external appearance can be influenced perhaps, but ... not always have it all. It is better than nothing.




This is the mutation and thanks to the article by Edwin thus decided to begin next year to work this way.
We note that under a bird Ino (with red eyes) if there is a bird of another color, but only see a ino, bruno either online or in gray. So in this line of work we four couples as follows:

Macho Mocha Gray Bruno and female carrier Ino Ino Bruno Moka carrier of gray. From here will birds of the following mutations:

1 .- Bruno Moka Females carrying Gris Ino (Ino Cream female)
2 .- Grey Females Bruno Moka Ino (Ino Grey females)
3 .- Females carrying Gris Bruno Moka (Moka females Bruno)
4 .- Gray Bruno Mocha Bitches (females Bruno Mocha Gray)
5 .- Bruno Moka Males carrying Gris Ino (Ino Cream male)
6 .- Gray Males Bruno Moka Ino (Ino Grey male)
7 .- Males carrying Bruno Moka Gray and Ino (males Moka Bills)
8 .- Gray Males carrying Moka Ino Bruno (Bruno Moka males Gray)

Always talking in theory and getting enough birds, this way I will still enjoy all these mutations have a lot of without partners.



I thank you for all visitors to my website, sponsors, partners, etc ... all that you have something to do with this world.
At the end of it all and in conclusion I would like you to send me your opinions and comments are always welcome.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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