Live food for our free fish

alimento vivo peces

Free Live food now comes the good time we use to feed our fish very well.

Most insects whose larvae develop in aquatic lay their eggs in late winter and during the late spring and summer begin to change state most of them.

What can we get? Mainly worm larvae daphnia and black and white, maybe also some red.

This is a treat for your fish, guppies deborarán from cichlids to passing almost any species.

With a salabre will figure eight to collect daphnia and mosquito larvae.

Beware of changes in temperature, because the mosquitoes begin to be born and when we open the bottle will, so that if we have an aquarium inside the house that night maybe some bite us.

No matter if we put in more in the aquarium, these larvae are beneficial for the purification of water, feeding on bacteria and other microorganisms.

You can prepare as containers to collect larvae such as cans, unused pools, etc..

After feeding these worms to your fish will eat until they can not more, belly to bursting, but fear not for them, if they can not stop more and certainly sad face will look at you asking for more.

Greetings and enjoy the best free live food that you can find.