How to make a natural aquarium?

Our aquariums require much maintenance, once this is important to keep it running, there must be a balance in it, so that our fish are well.

The daphnia is a freshwater crustacean very important to the water, filtering of substances and bacteria in the water, for this reason, when we have an aquarium full of these crustaceans the water will be clean and transparent.

With the daphnia can mount an all-natural filter, is very simple, the only drawback is that if we put daphnia in our aquarium fish are given a large catering and hurts not, let's see how we could do it then:

Step 1: Provide the aquarium a section for daphnia, with a separator like the one explained in this article do a section in a corner for the daphnia will go leaking water. It is imporant that water circulates by both separations, so the mesh will not move to the adult daphnia but if the young.

Homemade Separator for aquariums

In this separation will a Daphnia that will filter the water in our aquarium keeping it in top condition. Gradually reproduce and the offspring of daphnia will happening on the other side of the aquarium where it will become a supplement to the diet of our fish phenomenal.

When we see that the daphnia population dwindles just have to replace them in another aquarium where it.

If instead of keeping fish in our aquarium WE HAD shrimp or other invertebrates such as daphnia tank mates would be ideal for keeping the water in good condition.