The Gender Erythrura

When I was a child and saw in a book of exotic birds these birds thought they were an invention that could not be true that would have painted for the cover, but at the time I had the great fortune to discover for myself that it was true that the Parrot finches existed and although not common in avian species amateur can get to them, well, at least for certain species.

The genus Erythrura is distributed in the islands of North Australia and New Guinea.

The genus Erythrura is composed of 10 species, then we have some subspecies of some of them.

Erythrura hyperythra or bamboo Parrotfinch, a real gem, really rare, so that in my nearly 30 years as a fan of exotic birds child could only see two male specimens import, and never was known, Who would find several pairs?

Erythrura prasina, Pin - tailed parrofinch, imported into Europe in industrial quantities, the last import had the brilliant idea to buy 3 pairs, I paid 3,000 pesetas each pair ... 18 euros, now the couple is about 600 Euros ... imagine what has happened in ornithology, unfortunately for me I could not make them breed and the gave them to another breeder ... and he couldn't reproduce them, so you know why they have that price, because it is not easy to breed them.


Erythrura tricolor Forbes Parrotfinch, one of the species that can be found with relative ease, they are not as easy to raise as canaries, have a spectacular blue, are very pretty.

Erythrura coloria, Coloria Parrotfinch, another rarity in Spain have some breeders of this beautiful species in exotic breeders website you will find helpful some references, www.lonchura.com

Erythrura trichora, Blue head parrotfinch, this is one of the species that I like, there is a Lutino mutation, all yellow with red tail is a marvel.


Erythrura psittacea, Red Head Parrotfinch species undoubtedly the most commercial and find more options in some specialist shops are very lively and beautiful, fall in love at any fond of birds.

Erythrura kleinschmidti, rare species, or that no state will be in the wild.

Erythrura cyaneovirens, Peale Parrotfinch, this is the subspecies that we can find, corresponds to the first picture, is a beatiful bird indeed.

Erythrura viridifacies, Green parrotfinch, I've never been lucky enough to see it, is a rare species, only seen in my dreams. No but I will believe what birders dream many times we walked into a store and find amazing species, also sure now if these lines the reading a birder like me will be laughing because it's true.

Erythrura papuana papua Parrotfinch, is very similar to E. trichora but larger not see illusions you see as ... Sorry.

Hope you chop the bug by gender Erythrura and you have to decide to find the species, the Spanish Ornithology and world need, we need breeders of these species.