Things we should know about caring our pets.


Dogs appreciate variety in their diets, choose the same brand but get varying tastes.

Never change suddenly the type of feed of the dog, going to change the type of feed to another gradually.

The feed bags open lose its vitamins quickly, insects or spores can enter and contaminate the food, there are special containers to store the food of your dog.

One way to know if the food is good it's examining your pet's dregs, semi-hard and always should be the same color.

Clean regularly the place where your dog eats and drinks.


Brush your pet gradually, five minutes is enough, is a good way to spend time with the dog.

The soap and shampoo that we use isn't good for the animal, is too strong and removes protective oils that coat dog's skin , do not be stingy and buy a good shampoo, you can find from 5 €.

Watch your ears, clean them often, if you see that the animal is scratching ears abundantly may signal an infection by mites.

Accustom your dog to cut nails from an early age, you get to be a routine for the dog.

Check dog's teeth frequently, especially before 6 months, any tooth that has grown wrong can be corrected easily.

Occasionally give a piece of hard bread to eat it's good to clean the teeth.


Accustom to travel by car from an early age, always securely attached by a harness or cage (always well secured not cause an accident)

If dog are traveling by plane gets his favorite toy in the cage so do not stress.

Common Diseases and Parasites

Rabies: almost impossible to catch if your dog has current vaccinations.

Parvo virus: transmitted through infected feces of other dogs, involves loos of appetite, vomiting and severe diarrhea, is potentially fatal.

Distemper: note that the dog has no appetite, fever and mucus, can be hard pads foot , is potentially fatal.

Heart worms: transmitted by mosquitoes bites, mosquitoes bites an infected dog, drains his blood and bites our dog, entails loss of appetite, loss energy, cough, anemia, paunchy belly.

Fleas: You can catch them to interact with other dogs or animals or playing the field.

Ticks: you can take the field, are detectable by naked eye.

Sarna: is a skin irritation caused by mites.

Hope that helped, if you want to give some advice, please send us your feedback

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