Cultures of live food for fish

Not the same feed our fish and invertebrates in the aquarium with commercial food and frozen food to live. In nature our tropical aquarium fish feed on other living beings and sometimes of vegales elements and on many other occasions of both.

Let's make a list of the different cultures that can be found normally to our tanks.

They are very important in achieving breeding species such as bettas, killifish, discos ...

The famous Grindal, is the most common, we put a taper with peat, a croquette cat and a strain ... and feed our fish.


Now another of my favorites, the microworm oats, we take another tapper, make a slurry with oatmeal, put a strain ... "et volia" to collect worms Wall tapper for our fish

Anguililla vinegar, I do not like too much about how complicated your collection ... when compared to the previous 2, but its cultivation is downright simple, water, cider vinegar, sugar and cultivation. In one week we anguilillas to raise hundreds of thousands of young fish of any species.

Enchytraeids are very similar to those grindal, while I'll put the same picture ... is mantenien alike are larger and work better in winter.

Daphnia is a bit complicated long-term maintenance, unless provided some type of outdoor raft, but it is also feasible.

We do not want this article to be a bible of how to keep live food crops, but if you know them, you can search the web for related items that you talk more in detail about each animal.