Beginning breeding Tenebrio Molitor

In naturebrain we had a concern and was the start breeding Tenebrio for our hens and our birds, there is not to be compared with the live food preparation, our chickens, hens and pigeons with this food will have an extra energy input for the winter.

After you tell where I could have an outlet nearby and we leaning acquired 50 grams of this worm, tenebrio. The cost 2.50 €, half a pack of cigarretes, with this amount we have more than an extra supply of energy and food for our birds

We've missed buy?
A drawer with cover those that are used for storing clothes, some food for chickens (mostly crushed corn, flour, dry bread , dirt, some small roots, a pair of porous stones, a small orange, banana skin and potato, the last 3 as extra food for our worms)

In the plastic container we added the breadcrumbs, flour, a piece of hard bread, corn for the chickens and we have removed everything so you should mix uniformly, we then added the stones and root (this for our small beetles have a warm and comfortable place to lay eggs)
Once the substrate and food (orange, banana and potato, to bring you to the set humidity) we have covered and left in a cool dark place, the cooler is where we leave our anger fry slower metamorphosis, nor is it desirable that light, because light also speeds up the process.
This food is ideal for pigeons and chickens as it gives them an energy and protein feed that does not carry bulk.

In short: With an investment of about 8 € have a supply of extra energy for our birds, ideal for chicks and pigeons.