Live food for birds and fish

Since buy feed for our birds, why not breed live food for our birds? Or for our fish?
Some may think it is difficult to have a breeding live food, and if we talk about the mealworms Tenebrio Molitor or sure few know that we mean the common and vulgar mealworm.
Its uses are many, from live food for birds, live food for fish or reptiles (they have a high protein) note that this live feed is a supplement to the diet of each animal, it is not a substitute for food.
Best of all, it's very easy to breed animal, we only use the worms (which can be found in any store birds or fish) as adults or beetles to possess an exoskeleton already formed are very hard, almost impossible of diregir by some birds or fish, as mentioned it's just need a little oat bran, as stale bread and flour.
In a bowl (we can serve a simple cardboard box or wood), which do not let light through, will this worm, add the nutrients that have detailed before and cover with a cloth dark cloth to prevent light to pass through.
As food will always use stale bread, when we see that it is not or is little hard bread add more.
The optimum temperature ranges breeding 25 - 32 degrees, a temperature higher intensity will be greater.
The same food or cloth covering the box should be wet at least once a week to provide moisture

Watch this video Breeding Tenebrio Molitor