The Gouldian Finch

The Gouldian Finch, Erythrura gouldiae is the most beautiful and colorful Australian birds.

Not only the colors, but the combination of the same, a black chest and a head of red or black color, accompanied by a green blanket and yellow belly.

I assure you, hand painted look, who's design was an artist.

There is much information on maintenance and breeding, due to the time taken in European aviaries, has become a domestic species.

As basic care are:

.- A diet rich in seeds of millet, canary seed, millet ...

Clean water and bathroom .- daily

.- A roomy cage and a recommended Voladera.

.- A nest box for breeding budgie type.

The truth is that their maintenance is not complicated.

But the most wonderful thing about this species is what comes next, a shower of mutations and colors, almost as many as it has rainbows.

yellow, blue, red, orange, white, green, clear, dark ... just so I veais the beauty of this beautiful bird, I leave with a fantastic video that I love.