It is the only European wild sheep , cattle live in the wild state only in Corsica and Sardinia , but has also been introduced in Germany , Switzerland , Austria , Hungary and Italy. Reaches 70 cm to the cross, has reddish brown fur with a whitish spot on the hindquarters and black markings on the legs .

His horns form a tight spiral , with tips curving slightly inward ( can be more than 85cm ) .

It has the narrow snout , pointed ears and has a mane of long hair on the front of the neck .

Lives in mountain areas , although they have thrived in many places that have been introduced , even in heavy cover , provided that there are clear for grazing . Their main food is grass and weeds , and generally graze in the morning, at noon and again lie to eat in the afternoon and early evening hours .

Outside the breeding season adult rams live apart from the females and pups .

The breeding season begins in the fall , at which rams fighting for the territory in which gather their sheep. Faced males recoil few meters before the fight, then loaded against each another big crunch hitting his forehead . These struggles rarely cause serious injuries and the winner takes no more attacks , and the winner of appeasement ceremony begins presenting his neck to lick it up .

Their average life span is about 15 years but have been known to live in captivity up to 19 years. Its main natural enemies are the wolves , foxes , wildcats and eagles.