SEA LILY (Annachrinus Wyville-thomsoni)

Although related to starfish , sea urchins and sea cucumbers and being an animal in all its aspects is the shape of a plant, consisting of stem on the top end is the chalice with the branched arms, pinnules covered .

For a long time it was believed to have become extinct . Even after the first living specimens found were considered to be rare until the early research vessels began to draw their dredges full of them .

The first specimen was discovered in 1755 in abyssal waters of the Caribbean, off Martinique and exhibited at the French Academy of Sciences with the name Marina Palma .

A second copy was discovered off to Barbados a few years later and was exhibited at the Royal Society of London. No other until rediscovered after 100 years compared to the Lofoten Islands near Norway .

The Sea Lilies contain almost 90 % gypsum . The stem is formed by joints of calcium carbonate, their small body is reinforced by plates and chalky , both arms and its ramifications have a skeleton -shaped links vertebrae smaller passing through its center .

Living tissue constitutes only a fraction of the total volume of the animal and its internal organs are tiny though similar to those of a sea star , also has nerves and muscles.

Little is known about their way of life , because they are animals that live in deep sea and can not be observed directly , when they have brought to the surface a live specimen, lasting a very short time in aquariums unless their conditions are suitable. Any movement causes them to break and this hypersensitivity regarding changes or movements in water which forces them to live at depths where turbulence just appreciate.

When disturbed , they first contract the pinnules of the arms , they are stretched and the whole closes gradually and slowly .

When feeding pinnules extend their arms and to form a kind of network which includes all aninaliculos and dead plants or particles of decomposing bodies . These particles trapped in the channels are forwarded to the mouth by means of the cilia . Although a limited food Lilies do not have much tissue to feed .

Your body is composed of calcified parts are scarce and the fleshy parts .