Coconut fiber for aquarium


The coir bricks are one of the basic products must-haves in the wardrobe of any aquarium.

We begin by knowing that they are simply vegetable fiber is crushed and pressed coconut , given the form of a traditional brick, hence its name.

The cost is affordable , especially thought about the many uses we can give them , I recommend that you may see in the search www.telegrow.com utilizad putting "coco " costs less than 2 euros a brick.

How coir is used ?

Normally the use we give you will be a mixed-use water , since we use it for freshwater aquarium . So if we are strong hands and a knife will break but a piece of brick and put it to soak. Do not worry if you can not break it with your hands , it is very hard to break it with a hammer ...

Once we 're ready to uses we can give :

. - Substrate set for annual fish if Many Nothobranchius , Austrolebias killifish and other types use a small container of coconut fiber to their spawn , then also use it to store the eggs during diapause .

. - Filter material is very useful for modifying properties of water , lowering the pH and giving something acidic water .

. - Substrate line, for certain species is a necessary substrate , such as for some anabantids , give water an amber color and provide reassurance to some fish.

. - Substrate grindal worms and enchytraeids , well known as live food for aquarium .

As you see , it is given to good use these bricks , coconut .... unfortunately many fans do not know and do not know where to get them .