It belongs to the family of mustelids with weasel, badger , mink , otter, etc. . They all have stink glands at the base of his tail , but skunks are the best known , because they can spray your enemies with naseabundo liquid , jet projecting in offensive boast.

They have long hair and a long tail also black and white. Their legs are short and their feet have strong , curved claws. The hind feet are plantigrade .

Depending on the species of skunk living in different areas ; Striped Skunk extends from Canada to northern Mexico . It has soft and long fur on the inside is black and white in the face and neck, being divided along the sides by two white diagonal stripes . Puden measuring 75cm and females are usually smaller than males.

Skunk helmet lying in the southwest U.S. and Central America , is similar to the striped , but the length of its tail is larger and has the most separate bands .

The spotted skunk goes from Canada to Central America , is smaller than the ateriores because it only measures 55cm. It has a white spot on the forehead and a sample of bands and white spots .

The Conepatus genre spans southwestern U.S. and is the only genre that exists in South America . The Mexican species, conepatl has similar size to the striped skunk but her hair is shorter and coarser and is white on top of the head, back and tail.

We find them in forests, plains and desert areas , and live in burrows built by them or abandoned by badgers , foxes or marmots or under buildings.

During the cold season long sleep periods. They eat beetles, crickets, grasshoppers and caterpillars , also in mice , frogs , eggs, small birds and crayfish sometimes fall in houses to steal eggs.

Almost all predators away from them, but cougars and bobcats if they kill and devour their usual prey is scarce . The great owl Virginia captures them frequently.

Many of them die on the roads ...