Number of endangered species



Surely many of you who read the title of the article I'm writing today will think that it does you no animals in danger of extinction, but it sure will think in the Iberian lynx, maybe in the tiger and some fish than another, but what really not know is that there are already 5,200 endangered species , a figure sure for many of you will be exaggerated , but it is not. This figure is the data given by the International Union for Conservation of Nature , in fact the report says that 25 % of amphibians , 11% of birds, 20 % of reptiles and 34 % of fish need of immediate protection because it is in addition to the data speaks of hundreds of extinct invertebrates . And by this I do not mean the number of animals that need help but not extinguished number of species that can do but try to do something .

And that should be all this, because unfortunately due to the human being, not to kill each other or each other to feed . Unfortunately so, because of poaching as hunting , either by getting skins, meat or trophies , signs of animal species that today inhabit our planet can be extinguished and the worst is some take longer here than we ourselves.

So I think that 's what we do to eliminate species that have been able to evolve and survive as long .