What I need to set up an aquarium?

Here comes the main problem of any aquarist novel, we like aquariums, fish we like, we like nature and finally convince our mother, our wife or partner to let us to have a small aquarium, because in the photos is very well. The first thing to do is advise a little and ask the following questions:

What am I going to put in the aquarium?

What I can really put in my aquarium?

What is the maximum volume that my aquarium?

What I have to buy and that not I have to buy?

However, we think that we will always want to have things we can not, we must adapt our renters to facilities, not think buying a small disk for a 20 liter tank, which is what we bought when we started.

For starters we should know the following accessories:

Urn: Is the glass box that makes aquarium, we calculate its volume, as X * Y * Z and so we know that we have such an aquarium of 36 liters.

Take a substrate: recommend gravel for starting by white silica, and we can not change anything soon start enjoying the aquarium, about 3-4 fingers records.

Now the water: we fill the tank with tap water treated with dechlorinator

Water temperature: put a thermometer to check the temperature of the aquarium.

Changing the temperature, place a suitable power heater thermostat as we indicate in the store to bring the temperature to about 23 º C-24 º C

Knowing the characteristics of our water, to have a general idea when to "hard water as in Valencia" or "soft water in Madrid" will be enough to buy some plants more resistant as possible.

Lighting: we acquire a strong display, so that the aquarium is well lit, as well, in our shop indicate that screen we can put.

Plants: will place some plants that buy in our shop, do not be a rat with plants, with better, but leave some empty space...

Filtration: buy a suitable filter to the aquarium at any store where we will go to pick the best option and it will run for 30 days, do not worry about anything else, not bacteria or bacteriostatic ... let the filter run one month.

The first renters: we really want to see life in the aquarium, you can put some snails at two days, producers of life ... as snails Planorbis.

Now is the time to decide, if you could wait a month, what fish I put? Because according to the parameters of your city water buy resistant fish and always put the amount of fish that is below the limit, few fish better. They do not sell the bike sucking algae fish, sweeper fish, the fish that eat snails ... buy few fish and enjoy to be quiet and adapted to their new habitat.

The following is very important: If you get the fish to reproduce without your intervention, you can ensure that you are doing well.

Good luck with your project and enjoy!


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