Tips for our birds in Winter

When the spring and the sun does reflect the colors and the singing of our beautiful tropical birds all is well in our aviaries.

If we want to enjoy this time every year , we must be extremely careful and take care of our birds during the winter.

Someone once said its Gouldian put up with temperatures of 0 ° C in winter .... if he were in the open for days at these temperatures probably also would have endured and may also have assumed this. Although as you see it was a totally dispensable .

Some tips to make your winter birds spend a better and more bearable as possible :

. - Cover everything to avoid any kind podais airflow .

. - Let the nests laid for some species can sleep inside.

. - Augmented seeds rich in fats and proteins.

. - Try to create a small shelter where they can sleep and if this shelter has heating, better yet.

. - If the water freezes, the ice breaking apart , heat a little and add some sugar or honey .

. - Keep the live food supply .

. - Provides breeding paste with some food supplements , cod liver oil or vitamin eg .

The best thing is that the environment be as warm as possible.