Birdwatching in the month of January

Birdwatching in JANUARY

It is one of the best months of the year, if we are located in a temperate zone have available the full range of local bird species and add all those migratory or partially migratory spend the winter in our area.

Numerous birds passed as Goldfinches , redpolls , finches , clerks and others during the breeding season are concentrated in large flocks with herding behavior where we can see numerous examples of superior beauty .

Crowd of insectivorous birds such as larks , wagtails , pipits , redstarts real common , robins we observe with our primasticos from our point of sighting.

We may also enjoy birthed like tree creepers , nuthatches , blue .

Similarly, in meadows and wetlands we see gulls , anades , lapwings , gannets, etc ...

Do not forget a camera with a good zoom lens and to immortalize what you will enjoy during the month of JANUARY observing birds in the field .