Canary breeding cages with self-cleaning

How many hours have you spent already changing paper trays ? During our years of breeding experience has been more than one hour a week so now it costs just 5 minutes.

The canary breeding cages are one of the most important investments we can make in our aviary .

If you have cages with the traditional system can turn quickly in cages with latest technology cleaning paper for less than 50 Euros .

For example , if we have 2 breeding batteries need 4 brackets for paper rolls which fit perfectly into cage of any manufacturer by the side and cost about 3 euros. Although not easy to find anywhere, in specialty stores as you have available the rural world : PAPER ROLL HOLDER CAGE CANARY BREEDING .

So for now we have about 15 Euros investment in paper roll holder .

Then current will remove the trays for about replacing our special cages to put the paper run over them , these trays are also very economical and we will have cages I assure you bless the day that you changed .

http://www.planetarural.es">These are the trays cost about 3 euros in specialized pet shops as Rural Metro http://www.planetarural.es


Assuming eight cages, would be 24 Euros approximately infimo cost compared to the hours of enjoyment we can have in our aviary with papers and trays thoroughly cleaned.

Finally just missing paper rolls with a roll of 100 meters for one year ... we

From naturebrain and our own experience we recommend you moderniceis your cages, breeding outcomes will be apparent from the outset.



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