The Persian Turaco

The turacos are birds of tropical areas, Persian Turaco species is very beautiful as you can see in the photo, is distributed throughout the African continent and in the countries of the European region as an exotic bird breeding of great value to the fans for their extraordinary beauty.


They are birds of considerable size, about 40 cm and mainly frugivorous, need a wide flyer vegetation to develop properly. A flyer 5 meters high by 2.5 wide by 2.5 is a good choice.


His playing is not overly complex, a guarded flyer streams and extreme cold we can see how they build their nest on a platform in the highlands.


After 21 days incubating raise the young couple.


We must pay attention to the territoriality of Turacos, we can not accommodate more than one partner in the same flyer, for the blood reach the river and the dominant male will kill the other male and the other female. Even we must be careful within the same couple with the aggressiveness of the male to the female.


There is no apparent sexual dimorphism, so a DNA sexing is the best solution for these cases.


It's kind of Turaco as you see a beautiful colourful, surely desired by many bird lovers.