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Leersia Oryzoide



Months and collection in the field in Valencia



Weeping willow 




The moscatell mistela  


Fauna of the cooperative of my town  


2013 almond production 



Tea Tree




Home composter for our plants




Hydrated plants in summer






The sad reality of the Spanish field



Skin Care for Summer



 Summer Nature 2013



Street market plants, buying plants on a street market



Chillies, tips to buy chillies, buy hot peppers, chillies curiosities



The Trebol of good luck, how to find a four leafs trebol.



Bambu, Information, cares and uses of the bamboo.




Miltonia orchids, information about cares and reproduction.


Lilies carnivores information, cares and reproduction.


Baladre, information about this plant.


Lithops, stone cactus.a different plant you can keep into your house.


Carnivorous Plant, What does a carnivorous plant eats?


Bugamvilla, Information and care





Miniature pumpkins







Rains in April


Any rain that falls in April is beneficial for our crops








Spanish agriculture is in crisis


The small farmer is in the latest





Respect what little we have


Raise awareness and respect for the environment, all depends on a better future for our children





That will be our fields?










Prohibited plants




Stop alergias

 Allergies to animals and plants




Do you know..