Living Stones in your pots


Lithops, the spineless cactus cactus also called stone or stone floors, until recently were quite exotic and rare.

They are plants native to South Africa, there are about 40 different species, not counting hybrids that increasingly are doing more.

Lithops are plants that have evolved to resemble stones and avoid being eaten by animals, have 2 small leaves and are usually about 2-4 inches in diameter by species.

Lithops flowers make towards winter, between the groove of the two leaves make a fragrant flower very pretty.

They are very long-lived plants, we can be talking about 10-20 years.

Its cultivation is very simple, are a great plant to have next to the computer, to monitor radiation Soak. If we are outside as rain or if dew absorveria plant too much water and could explode and we would run are Lithops.

Sobreados like places, but with luminosity.

We put them in a pot slightly larger than them, because the Lithops have a very long roots.

Lithops are often used in the famous Zen gardens, where you place Lithops few grouped together with some pretty stones that mimic the perfection unless you are particularly bright gemstones.

As now you can not trust the banks would be a good way to keep your money safe, have a Zen garden with somethings Lithops and rubies, esmeraladas and why not, gold and other precious metals.

We will not have temperature problems with Lithops, we can have if we want in the fridge or in the oven, it will endure well, they just want a dry environment.

As a substrate we used peat and silica sand mixed.

To water the Lithops is best to do for months in which it is active, Summer and Spring, the rest we leave without watering and the regemos few drops of water each week will be more than enough. And think not a joke, outside watering would kill this season.

When can we see them flourish and to stop watering in March to the first shots of water if the touch is very soft droplets must give you a guide, should be hard not to touch it a lot and not mojeis.

From the flowers get some seeds from which we obtain new Lithops in early Summer.

Good luck with Lithops, to love us.



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