How to harvest beans 2 times per season

Our team Naturebrain has the second crop of beans this season 2014
It's mid-November, were planted in mid-September in a couple of months and we have our first fruits.
What have we done to plant, easy, the collection last year we keep beans and not tender as those seen in the photo, beans and past, fat, the left drying in a dark, ventilated place a couple of months and we store them in a glass jar, olives typical olives glass.
A couple of days before planting put them to soak to hydrate, using the drip irrigation we have planted them making a small hole in the ground and cover them (do not do the hole with your finger, grab a stick or dry tree branch, you can do damage), as you can see is not it a fine soil orchard, rather it is a land pulling scrubland plant it as close to the exit of the dropper (to have around moisture).
This year we have not paid or treated with anything, so we can assume that we have 100% organic beans, drip irrigation comes from a raft that we have filled with rain, so we also assume that at 0 costs.
At the moment there is little harvest, cold helps the plant hold much production and not pull away, so we'll be eating broad beans a couple of months. If the weather holds and there is the annoying frost have beans until January to February, when reserve another handful of beans, dry them and will be eating beans for planting until mid-May to June.

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