The Shepherd Dog Briard is a quirky, little seen a dog despite her beauty and noble character.

As its name suggests, is a dog that for generations was devoted to grazing, it is not surprising that if we run out of the field behind the sheep ... if you want to have problems with the shepherd of the sheep owner more quickly cojáis worth it ... if the sheep are nervous that afternoon and not fattening.

It is a very playful dog, but reserved with strangers.

Thanks to its size barking commands respect and will not pass through where it should not any strange, but when you are playing is a smart dog and fun you'll want to capture our attention.

As a breed of large dog must pay attention to overeating and possible problems arising as you spin the stomach or other.

The hairstyle and daily housekeeping are part of the game with this great dog, do not neglect brie and our pastor will look splendid and divine.




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