Some curiosities about plants and vegetables


Some plants can make their own antibiotics, chemicals substances are released into the air to help them improve their defenses

The consumption of almonds before alcohol intake prevents drunkenness, not removed but prevents it, so nothing to get a package of almonds and drink

The tree leaves fall in autumn because that's when the cold season starts and the tree can not produce much food, which must maintain low power consumption, so I concentrated on the trunk and the leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground.

The "Stone Flower", Selaginella lepidophylla, as is able to live for years without water, what it does is stop its cycle and when get moisture again regains its activity.

If you plant garlic in crescent moon is out of the hole where you have planted.

There are mushrooms and fungi that glow in the dark.

This increase in recent boom of companies engaged in the manufacture of paper from the elimination of many invasive plant species such as 'cat's tail', Pennisetum setaceum

The world's oldest tree has more than 9500 years old and is a spruce, is located in Sweden

The saffron is harvested in the early hours of the day and night until 10 o'clock.

The Scoville scale is the scale used to measure itchy chillies and peppers, a green pepper has 0 Scoville units, a Cayen 50,000 Scoville units, a pepper spray that police use contains about 2,000,000 Scoville units , and capsaicin containing about 15 million Scoville units

In the last three years with the onset of the economic crisis in Spain marijuana cultivation has increased by 800%

Carnivorous plants are carnivorous land being in low nitrogen rate, if you buy one and plant it in soil with high nitrogen content longer carnivorous and do not need it.

The strawberries, cocoa, coconut, grapes and plums have aphrodisiac properties, good Valentine's day!!!

The Mimosa pudica, feeling threatened by the slightest touch, reacts closed by folding their leaves up like a hedgehog. From this comes its other name, the plant is known as shy or shameful.

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