Spinach, one of the easiest cultivation.


The spinach, Spinacia oleracea

Can be planted throughout the year, we recommend plant in winter season, in January, to plant the first thing to do is buy an envelope with seeds, usually this can be found in any cooperative or specialty store, (until even the Chinese store in the corner of the street but I doubt the quality that have), it may cost us a packet of maximum seed about 3 €. 

Cultivation and harvesting: 

We make them germinate or directly planted on the ground. 

If we choose the first option, will germinate in germinator, can be found in any cooperative or shop, in the cooperatives are free, at least in my town, if moistened soil and will leave in each hole about 2 or 3 seeds, keep covered so that no light and wait about 2 weeks when the plant is already about 2 fingers high before transplanting into our garden or field, that whether to keep the soil moist, it can be sprayed every 3 or 4 days with water to maintain humidity. 

If we decide to plant directly in the garden or field, we will first irrigate the field to have moisture, leaving a couple of days, make a hole about 2 or 3 cm. finger and drop 2 or 3 seeds per hole, we will plug the hole with a little soil and we will have the plant ready to start growing. 

We must leave a gap of about 30 - 40 cm. between each plant, what has being going about 2 feet from the hand. 

Be very careful with the herbs that grow around, especially during the first weeks of life because it can rob the soil substrate, we can look every 3 or 4 days and see if any herb immediately tears it grow. 

It is a plant that not needs a lot of water, if planted in winter with a weekly watering have enough. 

The cold will benefit, because the heat causes them to grow rapidly and begin to glean, here is the importance of planting in cold weather, but in summer you can plant, taking into account a higher risk and faster growth. 

After 8 weeks or when the plant has a height of about 20 cm. can be collected, the collection can be done in 2 ways: 

Booting directly from the ground floor or cutting larger leaves and leaving the stem to return to sprout and grow. 

If we want to get seeds for next year so we just have to leave without picking a plant to grow, when reaches 50 cm. see high beginning to glean, there is where we get our seeds for the next plantation. 


Is mostly water, about 90%, is very good for dieting because it provides us high in fiber (laxative) plus give us many other minerals such as iron and potassium and vitamins C, E, pro vitamin A, for something Popeye taking!


It is best eaten raw, washed well to remove any sand and possible organisms, with a salad of spinach, raisins, toasted pine nuts and olive oil are delicious. If you decide to cook lose many of their vitamins, the best is a quick blanching and then cook them in an omelet or simply fried with garlic. 

They are also very suitable for freezing, if we turn our harvest as we have them frozen perfectly, blanch and let cool and straight to the freezer.


I hope you enjoyed it, now you have a reason to plant spinach, plus a new experience can have a fun time enjoying your harvest and seeing how it evolves. 

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