The Poinsettia is a typical plant of Christmas, is originally from Mexico, may be found in many stores specializing in gardening and have noticed that some years ago even in a Chinese store (lack only sell meat and fish). December 12 is celebrated as National Day in memory Poinsetita, Joel Poinsett (hence the name poinsettia) was an American diplomat who introduced this plant in USA in 1800.

It is an ideal plant for gifts this Christmas, besides not being very expensive, with prices ranging from 3€. It has been said that this plant brings good luck to whoever is the give if handle with affection.

Let's focus on the selection and care of this traditional Christmas plant.

To choose a good plant we must look at its leaves, which have a rather attractive red colour without spots or edges blackened leaves, the leaves should not be rolled or dried nor be damaged or yellowed, land should not carry mildew, if so, we must discard the plant.


Once we have chosen is important to protect from wind currents and sudden changes in temperature during transport (careful with the car heater), to acquire, it is safer than a film wrap or a plastic bag that we remove once at home.

If you have a garden you can transplant it without problems if your area does not suffer frost, never below 12 degrees or above 24 degrees, inside the house is a much more delicate.

Once at home is a plant that will need light and a warm place, but away from direct sunlight, for example on a table where he was among some clarity, in a draft-free area, and very careful if is it on a heat area source such as a radiator can be a gas stove or wood, does not support any dry areas, if the leaves turn yellow is an indicator that needs more moisture, spray the leaves once a day, with water of 2 or 3 times a week is enough, it is best to have the plant on a plastic plate with water but does not touch the water, can be used to isolate water directly hang tongs clothing, stones ...

Unfortunately, most of these plants that are given during Christmas fail before to complete it, many of them due to poor care to have them indoors is not so difficult to care, only to respect the above rules can get a nice plant .

Give a poinsettia this Christmas to special someone, sure to bring good luck!


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Naturebrain team wishes you a Merry Christmas

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