Making a homemade greenhouse

Really not worth making a homemade greenhouse, for a price of around 300-400 Euros going to have a greenhouse like god,

windows that open and close,

much more durable for the quality of the materials that you will have

prepared for internal shelves

easy to clean when needed

Maybe we think that riding a plastic racks and a greenhouse can mount a better but if you think about it:

. - The plastic will last a season

. - Windows or do well or would cost open close and do it properly

. - The time it will take to make it and that we are well worth far more than the own greenhouse

. - If we start adding material and time we spend twice as much need to buy one prefabricated

. - If we break our greenhouse ... no manufacturer's warranty.

. - If you break a piece ... no spares.

Also if you think about it in just one year during the cold months cultivate some of our favorite flowers, some vegetables and vegetables out of season and enjoy what our real hobby, gardening and DIY ... in just 1 year we will have more than repaid our greenhouse.

Seek new and hopefully maybe podais found second hand.