Rebollones 2013 in Valencia


We are in August 2013 and we had a mild summer in the Valencia, today August 26 has dropped a flurry of scandal, this year will be a good year for rebollones. Now we can start preparing the wicker basket, mountain boots, mountain stick and the fridge for lunch to collect a field while rebollones.

The rebollones or milk caps (Lactarius Deliciosus) fungi are highly valued in our country, growing the mountain, usually below the pine forests, this year due to the rain in August is said to be a good year for collection.

Last year in early September the rebollones were 45 Euros the Kg, this year will not be necessary that we buy, sure we can catch a few if we find a small place to look.

Always cut the Rebollón by its stem, soil never starts.

Take a brush to clean and distinguishing clearly

Do not get if you find a Rebollón Nervis or move, for sure in this site there will be many more, Find them.

If you see a mushroom and identify not know, nor touch it, it may be poisonous, every year in Spain people usually die several toxic molds intake as Amanita phalloides

The best places near Valencia for recoletar rebollones are El Toro, Sinarcas, Requena, Sierra de Javalambre ...

  When you picked up a basket can prepare in many different ways, certainly in this great recipe site you will find a recipe that you like:


If you want to share your experiences, do not hesitate to contact.

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