In Spain and around the world is feeling the increasingly effects of climate change, much hard and long winters, and completely dry summers, floods, fires, frosts, pests, new diseases each year. Spain being a Mediterranean country is a step into Europe, suffers much more those consequences. The Spanish agricultural sector is becoming much more punished for all these misfortunes.

Regarding farm we can differentiate between three insurance groups:

Combined Insurance damages: covering the different points that we have insured, these include:

Hurricane winds




Pouring rain


Cold Drop



Depending on the aspects that have insured, in case of any damage our crops or our plantation we are entitled to compensation depending on the aspects that have contracted.

Yields Insurance: covers the loss of income that may result from any adversity weather such as drought and frost

Integral type Insurance: covers the loss in production for reasons beyond those that can not cope farmers as hail, fire or drought.

In many of these cases there are government subsidies that can reach 50% of the value of the insurance contract


But we have to do to purchase a policy to ensure our production?

We contacted the insurance company, this can be AGROSEGURO, MAPFRE or some similar companies, an agricultural expert will contact us, and during the flowering period of trees visits the field and want to ensure that production is estimated to perform for each tree (eg in a field of peaches is estimated that each tree will produce 80 kg), if any disaster happens notifies the insurance company and the expert comes before harvesting and assessed the damage caused. Based on we insured we have right or not to receive compensation.

In the case of not being of sane with the expert's report there are companies you can contact for their technicians to make another report and claim to our insurance company, some of these companies may be CONAPA, the call is free



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