Hydrated plants in summer

This Summer always hydrated plant


If you are leaving for an extended period of house here are some tips to care for your plants.


Them away from direct sunlight.

Beware of the wind, what many do not consider is that the wind dry even more than the sun potting soil so your plants push it away from places where the wind can give them direct.

A little above ground litter causes moisture containing more stamina and less dehydrated.

Best of all, with a little cotton, if, the same that is used to clean wounds and a bucket of water can have our fully hydrated plants in our absence. The idea is very simple, we cover the potting soil with cotton, with cotton more we create a kind of wick (I hooked up with 2 hands) will tip the bucket full of water (the above plants we want to hydrate) remaining the other end goes to the floor, rather fill the bucket making sure that the wick reaches the depths comes possible (we tie the 2 ends of the tips of the fuse) and now we can stop worrying for a few days or even weeks of having to water the plants, the cotton itself transports moisture of water from our bucket to plants.