The sad reality of the Spanish field

With the advent of the crisis, 'foreign friends' are taking advantage to steal in the orchards of Valencia

In the town of Montserrat many farmers are spending the night in the fields alongside law enforcement to prevent this petty theft. Farmers complain that they are unprotected by law, if a person is caught stealing watermelons in an orchard only charged with a misdemeanour, the worst part is that people will steal many times to be a blight ago a couple of watermelons and theft also uproot plants that are no longer productive

The Civil Guard alleges that as a petty theft, without violence and farmer in most cases not present a single complaint, so that entails, paperwork, trips to civil guard or police many of these thefts are wasted or just a misdemeanour, which carries no prison sentences.

Besides no longer be just about a watermelon or a bag of tomatoes or peaches, thieves burst field booths may have thought that something of value in there, take agricultural fertilizers and tools or chemicals to the field.

Our friend Vincent says, if you catch one stealing peaches and you break a hoe in the back above your turn pay you for assaulting him, while if it is a box of peaches can only be quiet and call and wait for the police go .

So even are stealing pods that are still missing a month can be collected, without thinking that this product not being dry enough to contain much water (the pods are picked when the colour is a dark brown and not green that are stealing) these later if they are in a well ventilated area end up being able to hold much water.

Most thieves sometimes do more damage than it actually can take a couple of watermelons and four tomatoes, says Vicente neighbouring Montserrat.

You ask that the laws change and more to help you work from sunrise to sunset that we go to 'work' at sunset.