The chanterelles (Lactarius deliciosus) are fungi very appreciated in Spain, growing in the mountain, usually under the pine forests, but this year due to low rainfall in August is said to be a bad year for collection.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to Andorra and in towns like La Seu d'Urgell I saw people at the doors of the houses selling chanterelles, I love chanterelles! It occurred me to stop and ask for the price and what was my surprise, up to € 45 Kg, if carry a gold plated! I will continue eating mushrooms that come much cheaper.

Now, however, after a month, as I kept wanting, just saw on the large surfaces Carrefour, Mercadona... at 15 € Kg, which varies from month to month!

The chanterelles has a very tasty and juicy meat, here leave some chanterelles dishes that I love.

Roasted grilled with chopped garlic, parsley and olive oil, and salt on top, a very simple to prepare.

A paella rice with chanterelles, pork chops, cabbage, garlic, delicious!

Or simply fried with garlic, accompanied by a fried egg.


If you are new to collecting chanterelles here I leave some tips:

Prepare your mountain gear, good boots and warm clothes.

Always go with a wicker basket, so to catch chanterelles spores fall to the ground and next year, hopefully you can get more. Do not be a rat, leaving the bag of super at home

Where you find one usually tend to have more, the chanterelles is a blanket of fibbers that grown below ground and is that where born

Do not despair if you can not find, please note that you are not alone. Just wear mid morning and have not caught anything, maybe half an hour with a good luck you can find.

Always cut chanterelles by its stem, ever boot.

Take a brush to clean and distinguishing clearly

If you see any fungus and not know the identity, nor touch it, it may be poisonous, in Spain every year several people die by eating toxic mushrooms such as Amanita phalloides


If you want to share your experiences, please contact.

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