Cranberry Culture and Information

The Cranberry is a deciduous shrub as you see in the picture.

Bilberry is a plant from frost cold areas in the north of Spain.

Prefers sun, but if we can keep it in good light partial shade area.

Supports low temperatures but brings very high the bad and the plant will suffer to death surely.

Requires continuous heavy irrigation.

The blueberries are some plants that occur as a result some small berries with the very name of the plant, which are predilection of birds and rodents, so it is possible that they are the first to try the ripe fruits of our blueberries.

The Cranberry we can reproduce by seeds or new plants put on the side of the mother plants.

This plant is easy if we have cold weather, never with temperatures above 25-28 ° C

For irrigation is preferable to use soft water at low pH.



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