Problems for sleep with plants

At school we were taught the operation of plant gas exchange with the surrounding environment.

During the day, plants consume CO2 and expel after chemical functions O2

The problem comes at night, making it backward, consume O2 and produce CO2, then, we've all heard the rumor that it is bad to sleep with plants because we could we run out of oxygen and suffocate and die.We must not put plants in the bedroom!

Now let explain this false rumor, If we are awake at night in the bedroom with plants can not die from lack of oxygen?

Who consumes more oxygen? A plant or my wife? perhaps I should sleep alone in a big bed to myself ...

What happens if we put 40 plants? So this, surely must be bad, right? what would it happen if Alibaba and 40 thieves break in the cave of the treasoures? Will die from lack of oxygen? What happens if we get into a big room of 40 college students hairy, unshaven and sweaty? We will die? Suffocated? Surely by wild smell...

Well, I don't want your to start placing plants in your bedroom and naturebrain were to blame for anything, and do not well insured may believe everything that you read on the internet, nobody knows who writes ...