How to care for the Chive


The Chive is a plant used in recipes. It is an ideal plant to have in a pot in the kitchen, is durable and easy to care for, so when we finish our recipe, we take a piece of chive, the wash and we decorate our favorite dish with chive stem greener.

The chives will give our recipes a spicy and special, but often its only function is decorative.

The must have on a site that has plenty of light, the recommended is near a window.

The watering can regularly well tolerated to give you enough water.

Chives grow pretty fast, so we make recipes when we see that the plant has many stems and go pruning the leaves close to the ground to continue sprouting new.

It is also advisable to transplant it to a new larger pot so that the plant grows.

It also makes a very pretty white flowers, so we will appoint culinary plant naturebrain.com month