Street market plants

In Spain we can find in many villages the typical markets where we can find second-hand items, we buy clothes or even plants.


In many markets we buy plants, roses, rosemary, small olives and geraniums. We can save a few euros if bought directly at a flea market in a large area, but we must rely on what we buy, unfortunately many of these plants do not have the care they need to carry, are charged along the week in the car, stacked one above the other enduring high temperatures and poor ventilation.


If we choose a plant with leaves should check the status of the branches are not broken or damaged, have a good look.


If we choose a cactus (any variety), although it is a very tolerant plant inclement careful when transplanting, always choose a pot slightly larger than the current maximum 3 fingers over diameter, although not enough many of these plants to be transplanted into larger half do not survive to notice a radical change.


If we choose a mountain plant like rosemary, thyme this can and should be transplanted to a larger container, the bigger it will grow more, when cutting a sprig of rosemary choose it always tender and side branch plant, if we choose the point this will cause the plant to widen instead of pulling up.


In closing, we can find very good plants at a flea market and even the same person who sells them can give us advice on how to care for it, think that it is the first plant and living selling this, in a department store possibly person who is selling it has a lot of information of what you are selling but not actually know how to take care



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