The peppers or chillies have them in every way and classes, pickled, candies, pickles ...


In this article we focus on the Basque peppers in vinegar. The can be found in any supermarket packaged in glass jars, also we can buy in bulk or choose them ourselves.

Serve as an aperitif, to garnish a salad or a stew.


What we must keep in mind when choosing good peppers?

If you buy them in bulk, we can tell the seller to give us a try before you buy, if we take ourselves we must bear in mind that must be covered by liquid, otherwise discard those that are not covered by liquid be in contact with the air often have a bad taste and rotten (they have a rusty green and smell like pepper)


When choose ourselves we will choose the smaller, large with a volume yellowish - orange being hard, was ripped from the ground later, not that they are bad but they do not touch when biting seems to bite a piece of plastic, it's best to choose small they are much more tender


Facts about the peppers

In Mexico they are called chili or hot pepper, and are used extensively in cooking, in places like Tijuana make chili competitions where winning is the most spicy.

In many places in the Basque country are accustomed to eating lentils along with the pittance you have a bowl of peppers to take them together.

The Italian pepper is also a kind of chilli

Did you know that the spiciness is measured in Scoville units, with 0 being the lowest degree Scoville units of pepper (the spice of a green pepper) and between 15,000,000 and 16,000,000 Scoville units (Capsaicin)

Tear gas has capsaicin extracts.