Elodea densa

The photo does not look very good ... but I have since some time, well, for that matter ...

Elodea densa, is an aquarium plant that can no longer have, holds up well at low temperatures, in contrast to the high, which almost completely undone.

Some plants grow very long, and draw some roots at certain piece of ground, but rather is a white root, if cut and planted out there we can get a new plant.

It grows well both planted to floating.

It is a good plant for hiding places for fry, but we have enough in the tank the fry they will get from their leaves to protect themselves from larger fish.

In the same way is a good substrate for many especes start, so be careful if you pass a plant tank to another, not just with this plant, but with anyone, it can take your fish eggs stuck.

They prefer alkaline water, roughly plant is very easy to maintain as we said both planted to floating.