Cladophora sp.

It is very abundant the number of fans who use this alga for their aquariums, greatly reduce harmful substances from the aquarium and in turn, are made a ball and decorate part of the aquarium.

Sometimes we have problems with this type of algae, because algae is an alga and could completely invade the aquarium, not costing much, very much its eradication.

If this happens, many times, because it breaks the ball, you better do as espagetti, roll and get everything, making a new ball, that if we can put back into the aquarium.

Every so often, we can draw the Cladophora, and do as sponges filter, rinsed it under the tap squeezing and making all the dirt release.

Its price is relatively low, for about three or four euros we have a large Cladophora for our aquarium.

Good luck with them and in the worst case we'll just have to reset all the aquarium ... but please do not be scared.

I bought one and before doing anything, or read anything the partition into two and said ... look that hustler, now I have two, lol, one of the aquarium where algae is plagued put across, but does not bother me too much, occasionally I take a little and continue ...