Java moss aquarium

Java Moss is one of the easiest aquarium plants and grateful that we can find, even many people do not like it because it said to grow much.

If it suits our aquarium, we will see a very high color and beauty.

You do not need large volumes of light, however if the aquarium gives some direct sunlight for a little time a day, will see how it looks spectacular.

We can keep java moss in almost any water condition, and any temperature, hold a wide range, provided we do not go to extremes.

It is the plant most used for breeding fish in aquariums, is a source of microorganisms which will nourish the fry during their first days of life.

It is also a good way to start, the fish leave their eggs attached to the leaves of moss, killifish hobbyists use this plant often is a good natural spawning mop.

But we must be careful when changing the moss site, as could easily carry, eggs of species and populations where it has been, snails ... and many other things.

It is always advisable to perform a quarantine of plants in an aquarium dedicated, thus, if we see fry eggs, if snails see if there is anything else and you can also choose to do what most interests in each case.

With a small piece of moss can start a new ball in our aquarium, is very pretty attached to logs and stones, that is a matter of taste of each.