A perfect Houseplant

At home we had one beautiful and very large, while the neighbors were rising to take pictures in our dining room and everything.

It is a plant that requires bright light but not direct sun, we had us a large west facing window with an awning that covered the direct sun.

Inside, it's perfectly, temperatures are never lower than 10 ° C, and in summer you always try to be as cool as possible to not spend a lot of 30 º C.

We lived on the beach, with a high humidity, if you do not live in these conditions it is advisable to spray it from time to time so that the leaves are wet. In any case my mother did, so took the opportunity to clean their large leaves lucian spectacular.

Almost that we were doing it was enough to leaves, from time to time be watered, not much worse, because for the potted plant size was not too big.

I have to say that not abonabamos, the more I came to earth was some coffee grounds from time to time.

We even got to go out another log on the side of the mother plant to grow after it had sificiente another pot, which was also great.

Maybe it's like everything, luck is a factor, but this plant was in our large dining room for over 10 years until we had to change room and it would not fit, so if you are lucky enough to be able to host it please this plant is very pretty.


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