Information about the plant Pasionaria

The Passionflower or Passiflora is a plant used as cover in homes very often. A few pretty flowers as you can see in the photo that accompanies this article.

There are many species of Passiflora, so sure in your mind you have a flower similar but not exactly like the one you can see above, in total we can find over 400 species of passifloraceas.

They are used as aromatic plants, as their flower gives off a very pleasant aroma and is used in perfumery.

Do not really like water, are rather dry areas, so they grow very well in the Mediterranean region, which perfectly holds or cold winters and hot dry summers.

You do not need special care, if potted plant it would be advisable to pay it every two or three months, especially in the hot season, however if planted directly in the ground is perfectly just watering it occasionally, but I prefer to remember the the irrigated drought.

The can reproduce by cuttings or by seeds, but if we plant one is best to buy directly a young plant and put it into your destination in a short time will run much, that if we can not occasionally quite possibly end up generating damage to the fence or wall of our house.

The flower has soothing properties, is in fact used in many teas with properties attributed to sweet dreams.

Your furto is a yellow, orange, edible but only mature, sweet taste, it is convenient to take it green, it could be harmful and indigestible causing discomfort, we must be careful with this kind of fruit, including its excessive intake could have hallucinogenic contraindications and drowsiness.

In short words, it is a flower which, as its name suggests shows passion and beauty, we really like it, honestly.